As a cyclist, do you need a first aid course aimed specifically at bike riders?

I’ve been a keen cyclist for about 15 years. I’ve been lucky enough to have been on some great rides. London to the Alps, London to Paris and lots of riding in the mountains. I’ve also been very lucky that I’ve never really fallen off my bike. I’ve not unclipped from the pedals a couple of times but nothing dramatic or too serious.

This Sunday I came off.

Nothing too bad but my back wheel slipped on black ice and in a fraction of a second I went from 17-18 miles an hour to sliding down the road on my back. When I picked myself off the road and made sure I was safe. I could tell that I was in one piece and as a true cyclist I was more concerned about my bike than myself, there were holes in clothes and a few scrapes on the bike but we were able to complete the planned ride.

It did make me realise that knowing first aid skills is so important for cyclists (and other outdoor lovers). My mate that I ride with has done a first aid course and I know I can look after him. This could have been more serious and on a really cold day, in the middle of nowhere and we would have needed to know what to do.

I’ve dealt with a mates broken collar bone on a ride after he decided to ride into a ditch and it’s not like dealing with it at home or at work. As a group of bike riders we needed our first aid skills to ensure he received the correct treatment.

We offer specific first aid courses for cyclists covering the injuries and problems that could potentially happen. It’s a great life skill anyway so don’t wait for your first fall before thinking about learning.

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