Do we need defibrillators for the workplace? It’s a question we are always asked.

We thought we would have a look at what these amazing, lifesaving, bits of kit do and why you should have one in the workplace. (or at least know where your nearest one is!)

So what is a defibrillator or AED? (automated external defibrillator)

It’s a piece of equipment that can read the body’s heart rhythm. If it detects that the heart is in a shockable, abnormal rhythm it can be used to send an electrical shock through the heart. This shock temporarily (hopefully) stops the heart and allows it to restart itself back into its normal rhythm.

There are approximately 30,000 out of hospital sudden cardiac arrests each year. For every minute that passes before a defibrillator is used, the patient’s chance of survival goes down by 10%. So it’s easy to see why early access to an AED is essential to their chances of recovery.

Defibrillators are designed for the general public and for people without training. All the user needs to do is turn it on and it guides the user through each step using visual and audible prompts. Some AEDs also give CPR feedback and advice to ensure the casualty receives the best possible outcome.

We include defibrillator training, including practical hands on experience in all of our First Aid at Work and Paediatric first aid courses. Even though they are designed for any, once trained it’s obvious that the students are so much more confident.

We have now started working with Heartsine and we can supply you with these amazing devices. We have their training equipment so you can practice with the same model before you buy.


So defibrillators for the workplace? In a simple answer yes, they are a great addition to your first aid kit and could make the difference between life and death.

Have a look at our video explaining how to use a defibrialltor here.

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