With our fire safety training courses, you and your employees can learn new skills to prevent the start and spread of fires and handle fire incidents confidently and safely.

Many people and businesses have quite a complacent attitude to fires in the workplace. Yes, it’s true that modern buildings are generally less prone to fires. But this doesn’t mean the risk shouldn’t be taken seriously. Fires don’t necessarily occur because of deliberate corner-cutting or cost cutting. But because people don’t think that fires will occur. The official statistics tell a very different story.

Home Office figures show that in the 2019/20 reporting period, Fire and Rescue services in England attended 11,021 ‘primary fires’ in non-dwelling buildings – more than 200 a week. These incidents resulted in 17 fatalities and 892 non-fatal casualties.

We offer 3 fire safety courses:

Each course is designed to help your team to ensure that they and their colleagues are safe at work. It gives them the knowledge to prevent fires in the first instance, how to respond to a fire in the workplace and how to evacuate safely.

We offer both face to face and online training courses.

Our online courses can become an integral part of your internal training programme. Our certified and accredited online training courses are simple, cost-effective and enable employees to explore the information at their own pace. They can be done in small chunks on various devices as it tracks the learners progress. We can also come to your venue and train a team at a time that suits you.

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We can provide training for large, national companies. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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