We’ve been saying for years that Hand Held Personal Defibrillators would be a ‘thing’ and now they are!

You can now buy a defibrillator in the UK that is the size of a large phone and can be carried around on your daily activities and easily stored at home. The CellAED® makes owning a defibrillator affordable and easy to use for anyone. It’s often surprising to hear that 80% of out of hospital cardiac arrests happen in the home. Defibrillators are essential if the casualty is to survive but we don’t have them in the home and public access defibrillators aren’t usually placed in residential areas.

We talked in a previous blog https://www.greenboxfirstaidtraining.co.uk/defibrillator-drones/ that defibrillator drones were being tested in the UK but even getting one of these in a few minutes wouldn’t beat the effectiveness of getting that initial shock delivered in seconds.

The CellAED® is a portable defibrillator and it’s size is a really selling point – Length: 19.6 cmWidth: 9.3 cmDepth: 1.7 cm Weight: 450 g including protective case. This really is something that you could have with you at all times.

It’s extremely easy to use.


Power CellAED® by snapping in half along perforated centre line. This will automatically start the audio instructions guiding you on what to do, every step of the way.


Remove the protective liner under your CellAED® by continuing to separate the two halves. This will expose the integrated gel pads and extend the connecting cable.


For adults, place each half of the CellAED® on the bare chest (as shown). For infants, place one half on the infant’s chest and the other half on the infant’s back.

CellAED defib for the home

The price is really accessible too. The purchase of the defibrillator is just £330 inc VAT and then you can sign up for their membership scheme – CellAED for life which is £130 inc VAT per year. This means that if you use the defibrillator it then gets replaced without charge. The battery life is approx 2 years and the unit will then get replaced without charge. As it has a 4 g chip in it you will get regular service updates and information about your defibrillator.

To buy your CellAED® please follow this link shop.

If you’d like to have a try, let us know as we have training units which we demonstrate them on our First Aid at Work Courses and our Paediatric First Aid Courses.

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