Introducing Tourni-Key Plus Tourniquets and how these can save lives.


In critical situations where every second counts, having the right tools can make a crucial difference. Tourni-Key Plus tourniquets represent a simple way of dealing with catastrophic blended in an emergency. Providing first responders and even bystanders with a reliable and efficient solution to control severe bleeding. This blog explores the innovative features and benefits of Tourni-Key Plus.

Traditional Tourniquets are expensive and with varying types on the market, training is always advisable. Tourni-Key plus is an easy to use, cost effective product which is a great addition to your first aid kit. At £7.95 it’s affordable and effective in an emergency.

Designed and manufactured by citizenAID®, the new Tourni-Key PLUS combines a novel tough plastic lightweight device, a triangular bandage to act as an effective tourniquet to stop severe bleeding from an injured limb and an anti-pinch card to stop skin bunching.

Supplied in a resealable zip lock bag.

The back of the packaging has the Tourni-Key contents and instructions.

Key Features:

  1. Quick and Easy Application: Tourni-Key Plus tourniquets are designed for rapid deployment, allowing users to apply them quickly and efficiently in high-stress situations. The intuitive design ensures that even individuals without extensive medical training can use them effectively, potentially saving valuable time during emergencies. Made from lightweight but tough moulded plastic, in high visibility yellow
  2. Versatility in Application: At the scene of an accident, Tourni-Key Plus offers versatility in application. Its design accommodates various limb sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of emergency situations. Secures by simply twisting the device in the knot of the tourniquet until bleeding stops or slows and using the integrated hook to hold it in place
  3. Compact and Portable: Tourni-Key Plus tourniquets are compact and easy to carry, making them an essential addition to any first aid kit or emergency response bag. Their portability ensures that they can be readily available whenever and wherever they are needed.


Tourni-Key Plus is a great, compact, cost effective way of putting a tourniquet in your first aid kit.. With their user-friendly design, durability, and versatile applications, these tourniquets have become an indispensable tool for first responders and by standers making a substantial impact on the ability to save lives when every moment matters.

Would you know what to do in this situation?

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