So what should I expect on a first aid course?

Are you nervous about coming on a first aid course? Don’t worry you aren’t alone. There are plenty of reasons that you could come up with to avoid joining a course:

  • I’m unlikely to need to perform first aid.
  • I’m worried about getting it wrong
  • It will be boring and we will just be looking at a PowerPoint
  • I’m scared of taking tests at the end of the first aid course.
  • I have mobility issues

These are just a few of the things that people have told us that they were concerned about before joining one of our courses. Yes – it can be scary doing something for the first time and learning new skills may challenge you. That is where we come in. It’s the trainers job to ensure that they make the learning experience as engaging and effective as possible. You will always be met with a warm welcome! Here are just a few ways we will ensure you have an amazing day on our first aid courses.

  • Clear concise pre-course information
  • We are always happy to answer any questions about the course before you attend
  • Are trainers are friendly, relaxed and the best in the business
  • The course are well paced, you won’t get bored
  • We use top of the range equipment which is thoroughly cleaned
  • Hands on practical training keeps your attention
  • Our style of learning is all about inspiring confidence
  • Yes – there is some PowerPoint but this a small part of the course, we use lots of different ways of getting the subject across
  • There is a test at the end of the course – they are multiple choice and we cover everything you need for this part. Our pass rate is 99%
  • We can make the course suitable for people with physical or learning difficulties. Everyone should learn first aid.

If you ever want to have a chat about any other worries or ask us why you should take a first aid course, please just give us a call. You will feel empowered, rewarded and a lot less worried!

So what should I expect on a first aid course? Fun, laughter, practical, engaging training that will leave you with skills that could save a life.

Get booked in today.

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