What is Blended Paediatric First Aid Training?

It’s a question that we get asked all the time so we’ll explain exactly what it is and why it could be your perfect solution to your paediatric first aid training needs.

Booking the correct first aid course can be daunting. If you are a childcare provider you want to be 100% sure that your team have not only the right first aid qualifications but also the skills to help in an emergency.

You will need to ensure that your first aid training provider is delivering courses that meet the requirements set out with the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework requirements and potentially with Ofsted.

You also need to balance this with the time that the training takes your team out of the business of caring for the children.

It’s no wonder that Blended first aid courses are more popular than ever.

How does blended first aid training work?

The training is split into 2 sections. Firstly the student completes 6 hours of engaging online training. This can be completed in small chunks and at the learners convenience and at their own pace. Each section checks the learners progress and ensures that they have mastered the subject. They can swap devices as they wish as the system tracks where they are.

Some subjects do lean themselves to online learning where there is actually no practical, hands on teaching needed.

The second half of the course is then completed face to face. First aid training needs to include hands on training. We use so much practical first aid practice on our courses from CPR for adults, children and infants, to bleeding and choking. The latest training equipment is used to ensure that learners are confident and competent when they leave the course.

This session also allows learners to ask the instructor questions about the online course if they need any clarification on any of the subjects.

Benefits of Blended Paediatric First Aid Courses

  1. It reduces the time that learners are away from the workplace
  2. It reduces the overall cost to company
  3. Some subjects can be better explained online
  4. The learner can progress at their own pace
  5. They get hands on, face to face, practical learning
  6. It checks the learners understanding as they learn
  7. Learners have the opportunity to talk to the instructor
  8. Multiple devices can be used so learning can be done anywhere

What is Blended Paediatric First Aid Training? For more details on our 12 Hour Blended Paediatric First Aid Course click here.

We also have a full range of blended first aid at work courses too!

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