We are GOLD!

Yesterday you might have seen a little change on our website.

A little badge appeared at the top of our website stating that we are now a GOLD ProTrainings!

It might be little but this is quite a tough little badge to get on only the top training centres in the country have achieved this so obviously we are super excited by this. ProTrainings are our Certifying Body, so they monitor our performance and quality assure us as well.

To gain our Gold Centre status we have to hit 16 specific points, based on our business model, our performance, both volume, what's on offer and the quality of the training.

Our focus here at Green Box has always been the customer. We are so pleased that it's been officially recognised!

The Olympics may have been postponed but this is certainly a Gold for us this summer!


Contact us: Tel 0330 311 0799 email

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