Virtual Classroom and Online First Aid Courses

As we find ourselves in an unprecedented time in the world we know that people still need to hold a first aid qualification but cant move as freely as they could. We will still offer first aid training at your place of work or at home. 

We can also do a class for you via Skype or FaceTime - the same fantastic practical training, same qualification, same amazing value.


  • We hold the class over Zoom, Skype or FaceTime at a time convenient to you

  • We will drop a box of sanitised equipment appropriate to your chosen course and collect after use 

  • All paperwork an manuals will be supplied for you to fill in and will be collected for you

  • You will complete exactly the same course and exercises that you would have done in a classroom

  • You will leave with the same qualification, confidence and skills

  • You will not have any exposure to COVID-19, the equipment will probably be the cleanest thing you've touched!






Contact us: Tel 0330 311 0799 email

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