Introducing bionic Annie

When you need to perform CPR you need to get stuck in. When we are training people we talk them through how fast it should be, how hard they should press and how much air to breath into the manikins.

It is hard to monitor as the class performs CPR, we give the student feedback on what we can see and from our experience. But things have just taken a big technological leap forward.

We've just converted one of our Annie manikins into QCPR dolls - and we love it so much, we have just ordered another three so that all of our adult dolls will have them.

To put it in basic terms we can now link Annie up to an Apple app that records the depth and refill of the compressions, it monitors the speed of them and also the breath capacity. This means that on an iPhone or iPad we can show you your realtime performance... and it really, really helps. Some people when performing CPR find it difficult to process live instructions as they are concentrating so much. This enables you to see how you are doing and make the changes that you need to ensure that your CPR is as effective as possible.

We are always investing in the best equipment to ensure that you receive the best training. Annie just got a lot more interactive....

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