Our first aid courses are designed to give you the skills to that you as an individual are most likely to need. Most courses that we offer are based around 2 parts. Firstly Primary Care - this is dealing with lift threatening situations, and Secondary Care which is are incidents which may not be as serious but still require assistance before the patient can get to professional medical help.


We offer these set courses below but please do let us know if you would like something tailor made. We love working outside the box so please call for something custom made for you. 

We have courses that you can join as an individual or you can book a private course for groups or corporate bookings.
Where and When?
Unlike a lot of First Aid training companies we like to work to your time table. We believe in being flexible and training you or your team when it suits you.
We have a class rooms in Windsor, Bracknell, Denham, Slough, Maidenhead & Leicester but we are happy to train you in your place of work, your home or we can find training facilities in a location of your choice. All you have to do is ask.....

Basic Life Support/CPR/AED
First Aid Courses
First Aid at Work Courses
Paediatric First Aid Courses
Active Pursuits and Sport First Aid
Active pursuits and sports first aid courses
Family First Aid Course
Family First Aid Course
First Aid Refresher Course
First Aid Refresher Course
Mental Heath First Aid
Mental Health First Aid Courses
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Contact us: Tel 0330 311 0799 email info@greenboxfirstaidtraining.co.uk

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