If you have questions about first aid and first aid courses you are not alone

Over the years we have been asked many many questions about our first aid courses and about first aid in general. We love questions - it means people are taking the subject seriously, are engaged and want to learn and improve.


We put together a list of questions that we get asked. The questions that people ask before booking, prior to the course and also questions that we get asked on the course. We will keep this updated and add new ones that we think that you want to know.

Q:  My employer needs me to take a First Aid Course that meets their HSE responsibility - do your courses do that?

A:  Yes! Our First Aid at Work Courses are fully compliant and recognised by the HSE.

Q: What do your courses include?

A:  All of our First Aid Courses include the training, a manual, certification and a certificate. We don't hide any cost, it's all as advertised.

Q: Where are your courses?

A: We have a few regular classrooms in Windsor, Bracknell, Denham, Slough, Maidenhead, Newbury, Woking and now Leicester (Paul the owner is from there) but we can source rooms anywhere in the country. We use different rooms for different sizes of groups. 

Q:  Will you cancel my course if I am the only person booked on?

A:  No - we do have a couple of rooms that we don't need minimum numbers for - once we have taken payment, your course will go ahead. Paul has trained at his home or offered a private course in the customers home before to ensure they get trained.

Q:  Do I need to do any studying before the course?

A:  No - we teach you all you need to know on the course, as we provide manuals covering the topics taught you don't even need to take notes.

Q:  Are there tests at the end of the course?

A:  For most of the course there are tests which are pretty straight forward and review only the topics that we have gone through. There is a simple test paper at the end of the course and the 3 day First Aid at Work Course also has a couple of practical assessments. Don't worry it is our job to make sure that you sail through these. If you have any special educational needs we can adapt the course for you to enable you to demonstrate what you have learnt.

Q:  Can you train at our business?

A:  Yes - 90% of our courses are in house first aid courses, we can come to your workplace and train as many people as you need. We cater for all professions from schools to building sites.

Q:  I'm worried about taking a first aid course, I'm not sure I will be able to do it.

A:  First aid is a serious subject but we teach it in a relaxed and fun manner. We spend the first part of each course going through and addressing peoples fears and worries. It's natural to be scared of the unknown, through educating you we will take that fear away.

Q:  Are you registered and insured?

A:  Yes, we are a registered company and we hold public liability insurance up to £6,000,000

Q:  I'm scared of blood, will I be ok on a first aid course?

A:  During the course you will see pictures of cuts and other injuries, we do show videos of people suffering from heart attacks and cardiac arrests. We do warn people before these come on in case they may feel squeamish. We have found that when we have dealt with large bleeds before we rely on our training and it's afterwards that we might reflect on what we have just seen. If you do really struggle with the sight of blood you might want to think about seeking help with your fear or phobia before becoming a first aider - there is help out there.

Q:  Is the course just looking at a Power Point?

A:  We make the courses as interactive as possible - we find that people remember the practical exercises more than us talking! We encourage the students to get involved and practice what they may be asked to do in a real emergency. We have the latest first aid training tools to help you get involved.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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